How to Reload Credit?

There are two (2) ways to reload your Billplz credit:

  1. Self-reload
  2. Auto-reload

Self-reload refers to credit reloaded by the merchant. Sign in and select the preferred credit amount (minimum RM2), and proceed with payment to reload in real-time.

Auto-reload refers to credit reloaded automatically by the system via deduction from the daily total collection (in multiples of RM100) to offset any negative credit balance. For example, if the credit balance is -RM1, the system will deduct RM100* from your daily total collection. If the credit balance is -RM101 then the system will deduct RM200* from your daily total collection. No further action is required from you to opt-in.

The choice is always yours.

For the auto-reload, no action is required. To avoid the auto-reload, please make sure your credit balance is sufficient to deduct your transaction fee.

For the self reload, you may perform the following:

1. Sign in to your Billplz account (via Billplz SSO).

  • Click here to access the Billplz dashboard.
  • Sign in using your existing credentials.

2. Reload credit.

At the top left, click on the "+" symbol.

  • Insert the amount you desire and click the "Reload" button.

3. Make a payment.

  • You will be redirected to the billing page to proceed with the payment until completion.
  • Now you have an option to reload via: 
    • Retail banking - Online banking.
    • Corporate banking - Online Banking (Business).

  • You will be receiving an invoice payment notification via email after reloading the credit.

  • In the sandbox/staging environment, please choose "Billplz" as a payment option and click on "Successful payment" to replicate a successful transaction and "Failed payment" to replicate a failed transaction.
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