How to Subscribe the Membership Plan?

1. Sign in to your Billplz account (via Plzlogin).

  • Click here to access the Billplz dashboard.
  • Sign in using your existing credentials.

2. Reload credit.

  • At the top left, click on the "+" button.
  • Make sure your credit balance is sufficient. 

3. Select your Membership.

  • Basic: Your account by default will be under Basic Membership.
  • Standard 30 and Standard 365: Select “Buy Plan” to opt for the Standard Plan option.
  • Tick to enable or untick to disable for opting with Auto-renew plan.

4. Make a payment.

  • You will be redirected to the bill page, choose your preferred bank, and proceed with payment.
  • For the sandbox/staging environment, please choose "Billplz" as a payment option and click on "Successful payment" to replicate a successful transaction and "Failed payment" to replicate a failed transaction.
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