How to enable or disable "Auto-Renew" for Standard Membership

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What will happen if you tick the “Auto-Renew plan” button?

Enabling “Auto-renew” for Standard membership will result in yearly charges of RM1058.94, deducted automatically from your Credit Balance. 
For example, if merchants subscribe to Standard membership on January 01 2024, the membership will be automatically renewed two (2) days before December 30 2024.
The fee deducted from your Credit Balance for subscribing to Standard Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. How to renew a Standard subscription?

You may tick the “Auto-renew” button as highlighted in the image below:

The renewal button will change to green colour. 

Once done, no action is required from your end. The system will automatically deduct RM1058.94 from your Credit Balance, at the end of your cycle Standard membership period. 

3. How to disable the “auto-renew plan”?

There are two ways to disable the auto-renew plan:

  • Please untick “auto-renew” during purchasing the Standard subscription; or
  • You may disable it by turning it off as highlighted below:

The auto-renew plan has been turned off. 

4. How to downgrade to Basic membership?

You may downgrade to Basic Membership at any point in time. 

However, as the membership subscription is on an annual basis, your Standard Membership continues until the last day of your subscription and then, your Billplz Account shall be on Basic Membership if the “auto-renew” has been disabled.

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