Partnership Package (Unique Link & Promo Code)

What is ‘Partnership Package (Unique Link & Promo Code)’?

In a partnership agreement, Billplz offers our partners a special promotion that enables our partners to provide their merchants with a unique link and promo code for redemption.

*Duration and promotion packages may vary. 
**A unique link might be embedded on a button on the specific landing page. 

How do I utilize Billplz’s partners’ unique link & promo code to redeem the offer?

1. Click through the partner’s unique link.

2. You will be redirected to the Billplz website. Click ‘Sign Up’ to register for a Billplz account.

*You may refer to for a step-by-step tutorial to sign up for a Billplz account

3. Upon completing the ‘Redirect to Billplz’ and 'Authorization Page', you will be redirected to the Organization Registration Page. Enter the unique Promo Code in the column

4. You have now successfully redeemed your Partnership Promo Code. The promotion package redeemed will be added to your Billplz account according to the particular campaign T&C.

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