Billplz x MoneyMatch

Billplz x MoneyMatch Special Rates - Terms & Conditions 2019/20

  1. Valid for Billplz members only. Sign up for a free Billplz account now:
  2. Valid for MoneyMatch Business accounts only.
  3. You will require two accounts, one with Billplz and one with MoneyMatch in order to use this service at special rates.
  4. Please read the Terms of Use by MoneyMatch at to make sure you are compliant before signing up.
  5. Please read about our Free Billplz Credits T&C here:
  6. Billplz & MoneyMatch reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.

    Follow these steps to use MoneyMatch:

    Step 1:Fill in your interest here.

    Step 2:After verification, we will send you a  special link to use MoneyMatch at special rates.

    Step 3:Click the  special link given to sign up for a new MoneyMatch account with the same details used for Billplz Account.

    Step 4:Receive a one-off RM20 Free Credit in your Billplz Account upon your first successful MoneyMatch transaction!

    (Free Credits will be credited weekly, in batches)

    More info about MoneyMatch here:
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