5. PayPal - How to Integrate & Enable Payment Method?


1. Register for a Paypal account.

2. Subscribe to either Standard or Enterprise.

  • Click here to view membership plans.

3. Log in to your Billplz account to proceed with PayPal Onboading.

  • Click on the Settings link to navigate to the Settings page.
  • Click on the "Connect to PayPal" button.

  • Sign in to your PayPal account.

  • After login, click "Go back to Billplz".

  • You will see the status as follows: Check for On-boarding Status, Permission Granted, Account Status, Consent Status, Email Confirmed, and Payments Receivable. Everything must be on Active status.

  4. Request for 3.2% special rate

  • Get your special rate of 3.2% for every transaction when you apply with us.
  • Please refer here to request for the PayPal special rate.

  5. Enable or Disable Paypal

To enable the Paypal payment method, please ‘tick’ the box. To disable, simply ‘untick’ the box.

1. Go to your Collection title, click 'Payment Method'

  • Activate the PayPal payment method on a collection. Choose Billing or Payment Form.
  • Click on Add Payment Method.

2. Your payment option will show up, tick to enable the payment method.


  • Enable Billplz (Online Banking) & PayPal.
  • The customer has two (2) options; either pay via Billplz (Online banking) or PayPal.

On the bill page, the customer will see both Online banking and PayPal as an option to proceed with payment.

Once the customer proceeds with the Paypal method, the customer has an option to proceed with payment via their PayPal wallet or Card (debit/credit). 

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