3. PayPal - How to integrate?

1. Login to your Billplz account.

2. PayPal On-Boarding

  • Click on the "Connect to PayPal" button.

  • Sign in to your PayPal account.

  • After login, click "Go back to Billplz".

  • You will see the status as follows. Check for On-boarding Status, Permission Granted, Account Status, Consent Status, Email Confirmed and Payments Receivable. Everything must be Active.

3. Activate PayPal payment method

  • Activate the PayPal payment method on a collection. Choose Billing or Payment Form.
  • Click on Add Payment Method.

  • Click on PayPal and click Submit.

4. Now, you can receive payment with PayPal.

  • PayPal payment method will be shown as the image below.

5. Request for 3.2% special rate

  • Use your Billplz Login Email and send to team@billplz.com
  • Copy the email template below and replace <PayPal Login Email> with your PayPal Login Email.
  • You will receive your ticket id. Keep it for future reference.
  • You will receive the agreement. Sign it and reply to the email.
  • Now you will be charged a 3.2% rate for every transaction.
Subject: Request for PayPal 3.2% special rate.

Hi Billplz,

I would like to request for PayPal 3.2% special rate. 
My PayPal login email is: <PayPal Login Email>

Please assist.
Thank you.
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