How to integrate with Boost

What is Boost?

Boost is a mobile wallet app that aims to revolutionize the way you transact in today’s increasingly digital and mobile world. You can learn more at Boost Top 10 FAQs.


Merchant required to subscribe for Standard or Enterprise Membership to activate the Boost payment method.
Boost will begin charging a transaction fee (Merchant Discount Rate or MDR) at 1.5% for every Boost transaction, effective 1st March 2020.


The settlement will be done by Boost. Depending on Boost policy, you may refer to Boost for further details.

How to integrate?

Please email to with the request to integrate with Boost. You may write the email as follows:

Subject: Request for Boost integration

Hi Billplz,
I would like to request for Boost integration. I'm aware that a subscription of Standard Plan (RM150 per month) is required to this request.
<br>This is the details required:
1. PIC name: <Name>
2. PIC mobile number: <Mobile Number>
3. Company name: <Company Name>
4. Company Address: <Company Address>
5. Website URL: <Website URL>

Please assist.
Thank you.
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