How to integrate Xero with Billplz

1. Login to your Billplz account.

  • Click here to access Billplz dashboard.
  • Log in using the username and password.


2. Create a Collection.

  • Go to Billing.
  • Click Create Collection button on the right.
  • Fill in a title and click Submit.

2b new collection 5de8617f19ece7c75b8ce5d16c6a4904ded24563750dc31a76e3d9e338be9b9e

  • Go back to the dashboard and you will see the newly created collection. You don't have to note the Collection ID.

2c collection id 18a5e37c0f2d11a45d10c7088117a429d1db9ab8d7962831acc1f1cfceee3659

3. Link your Xero and Billplz account

  • Go to Settings from the dropdown menu of your avatar, and find the section "Xero Billplz Payment Gateway".
  • Click the Connect Xero button and login using your Xero login credentials. Once logged in select the organisation and click Allow access.
  • You will be returned to the Billplz console and you will need to select your desired Collection (the collection you have created in step 2) and Payment Account from Xero for payments.

Billplz setup 73760973d625e7ac299692613a747ab1641bda957071aa4440159b80940a0403

  • Save and copy the Custom URL. Please make sure you copy the entire URL.
  • Sample Custom URL[CURRENCY]&amount=[AMOUNTDUE]&invoiceId=[INVOICEID]&shortCode=[SHORTCODE]

4. Associate Billplz as a payment type in Xero

  • Click here to setup Billplz as a payment type in Xero (
  • Click + Add Payment Service and choose Custom Payment URL.
  • Enter Billplz Payment in the Name box.

    Paste the Custom URL you have copied in step 2 into the Your custom URL box.

    Enter Pay with Billplz in the Pay now text.

    Xero setup b1d80c50b98c2d12932af7e650fee495ad5bcd417085fa9d36ae5cbc9e701438

  • Click Save.
  • Click Manage themes and apply Billplz to the appropriate themes. Click Save.

Congratulations you can now start accepting payments via Billplz. Should you need any help to configure Xero for Billplz please make a support request to

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