How to integrate to the Billplz payment app on Shopify store

1. Sign in to your Billplz Account and navigate to your Billplz account settings.

2. Scroll down to the Shopify Application, input your store domain and click the Install App button.

3. You will be redirected to the Shopify environment to the authorize the installation of Billplz. Click the Install app button.

4. Input your collection ID and click Update

- To get Collection ID:

- Go to Billing. Find the collection to use with your Shopify and copy the Collection ID.

5. Tick the respective payment method logo to be shown on your payment page and click the Activate Billplz button. You may select the respective payment method based on your Billplz account payment method availability.

6. Done. Your store has been configured with the latest Billplz payment app. You can now uninstall the old version of Billplz X Shopify integration by Deactivation and Uninstall in your Shopify Admin Settings.

To note:

  • Existing SDK integration is no longer available for the new integration.
  • Merchants on existing SDK integration are required to migrate to new payment apps by 31 July 2022 to avoid payment disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the fee for collecting payment on Shopify with Billplz Payment App?

You will be charged an additional 0.30% per transaction via Billplz Credit Balance (in addition to the respective transaction fee based on your Billplz plan) due to Shopify’s latest pricing requirement. Applicable to all merchants integrated with Billplz Payment App on Shopify.

For example:

Assuming that you’ve enabled  FPX (Billplz Basic Plan) and Card payment method (eg: Paydee) via Billplz. 

If the customer selects FPX online banking, we will deduct RM1.10 (FPX fee) + 0.30% from your Credit Balance. 

If the customer selects a debit/credit card (via Paydee), 1.8% will be deducted directly by Paydee. Another 0.30% will be deducted from your Billplz Credit Balance. 

2. Can I have more than one Shopify store integrated with my Billplz account?

Yes. You can. All the integrated Shopify stores are listed at Billplz Account Settings.

3. Can I change the Collection ID later after setting up?

Yes. You can change the Collection ID after setting it up. All the integrated Shopify stores are listed at Billplz Account Settings.

4. Can I test with Billplz Sandbox?

Unfortunately, the new Billplz payment app integration on Shopify does not support integration with Billplz Sandbox.

5. Can I still accept Credit card and e-Wallet payment after migrating to the Payment App?

Unfortunately, the new integration doesn't allow us to integrate with any payment methods that Shopify has direct integration with (in this case: PayPal). 

You can consider integrating directly with Shopify into your store. The fee will be as per Shopify’s Policy. 

If you’ve activated the card & e-wallet with our payment partner (other than PayPal), rest assured, you can accept the mentioned payment as usual. 

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