How to integrate Shopify with Billplz

1. Sign to your Billplz account (via Plzlogin). 

2. Create a Collection.

  • Go to the Billing section.
  • Click Create Collection button on the right.
  • Fill in a title and click Submit.

2b new collection 5de8617f19ece7c75b8ce5d16c6a4904ded24563750dc31a76e3d9e338be9b9e

  • Go back to the dashboard and you will see the newly created collection.

2c collection id 18a5e37c0f2d11a45d10c7088117a429d1db9ab8d7962831acc1f1cfceee3659

3. Get Shopify Secret Key.

  • Access to your Billplz Account Settings.

  • Take note the Shopify Key.

4. Add Billplz as a payment gateway

  • On Shopify Store, click on Alternative Payment Methods for payment providers.

5. Setting up Billplz

  • Select Billplz and enter your credentials.
  • You will require a Collection ID and Shopify API Key. Copy and paste the information into the Billplz settings form in your Shopify store settings.

    To get Collection ID:
    Go to Billing. Find the collection to use with your Shopify and copy the Collection ID.
    Billplz collid 578f1ff9d9c5db69989480667010e44debd8a87f93bf0311872066c05041ed8cTo get Shopify Key:
    Go to your Billplz setting. Find your Shopify key and copy the key.

  • Click the "Activate Billplz" button to start.

Enable the  Test mode with Staging Shopify Key to use your Billplz staging environment.

  • You may get a 404 error if you enable the test mode using your production 
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