Why Billplz?

Merchants love Billplz because of our low fee and fast settlement for online banking, the preferred online payment method in Malaysia based on Bank Negara's statistics.

Please review Billplz Profile, FAQ, and a third party comparison at webshaper.com.my/compare.

Please register at https://dashboard.billplz.com/enterprise/signup to start collecting payments or www.billplz-sandbox.com to perform free unlimited tests (select 'Billplz' payment method to replicate a successful payment transaction).

Please join Facebook: Billplz Dev Jam and direct all technical questions to the Billplz developer community. You can find Billplz API and plugins list. Download JomParking and Boost Wallet to experience the best mobile app integration. Checkout other integrated partners:

- shopify.my (tutorial video youtu.be/DWed7cODyDs)

- webshaper.com.my

- onpay.my

- amaxmall.com

- easystore.my

We support these cards payment solutions and e-wallet at the moment :

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