How to redirect payout deposit to a new bank account?

You can only redirect my payout deposit to a new bank account if your current bank account is closed for any reason whatsoever.

The cost is free.

Please email the instruction using your current login email to


Please redirect my settlement deposit

from e.g. 123456789 (current verified bank account number with Billplz)
to e.g. 987654321 (new verified bank account number with Billplz)

📌 Applicable for Payout rejected due to the merchant bank account is closed (and related issues) only. Team will email the merchant to the Organization email directly.

For merchants that change their bank account number and required to update their bank account, please create a new Organization account based on your new bank account details (by clicking the "Add" button in your Plzlogin dashboard) and link the new Billplz account details after the new account is verified. Refer to here for the video tutorial on how to add a new Billplz account.

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