Setting Up Your Account

Sign-up for an account here:

Provide all the required details such as:

  • Your work email address
  • Account password
  • Your mobile number
  • Your MyKad/Passport Number
  • Your organization's email address (used for email communication)
  • Your organization's SSM details
  • Your organization's bank details (used for payouts)

After these have been submitted at Billplz SSO, you must submit your digital copy of MyKad/Passport (front & back) to with the Solutions Setup Form.

Once the bank account verification process is completed within three (3) business days, you may start accessing your Billplz account.

Below are the issues you may encounter during signing up for a Billplz account:

  • Invalid company ID
  • Not receiving SMS code
  • ID verification rejected
  • Bank account verification rejected

Should you encounter any of the issues above, please contact us at

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