Analytics Feature

What is an Analytic?

Analytics is a historical data tool offered by Billplz that tracks and reports your total payment collections and successful payouts, recorded in real-time. 

The analytics function is to showcase a series of graphs summarizing your statement history for your quick glance. 

How to get access to Analytic?

1. Sign in to your Billplz dashboard > click Analytics. For example:

2. Click Billplz SSO &choose your organization’s account. 

3. You can view the data of the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Collections
  • FPX Payouts
  • Payment Orders
  • Subscriptions

a) Dashboard:

b) Collections

c) FPX Payouts

d) Payment Orders

How to Subscribe?

  • Start with Free Trial (30 days) now to explore our Analytics feature at RM0 cost. 
  • For Basic membership, the price is as follows:
    • 1 Day: RM3.18
    • 365 Days: RM386.90/year
  • For Standard membership, the price is as follows:
    • 1 Day: RM1.59
    • 365 Days: RM190.80/year
  • For Enterprise, the fee is waived.
  • How the fee is deducted? - via Billplz Credit Balance, instantly.

e) Subscription

Click Subscribe plan > Confirm Submission. For example:

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