Pricing Plans for Every Business: Which is Right for You?

Billplz’s membership pricing gives you the flexibility to take charge of your business. Whether you’re operating a small business or running an organization with multiple requirements, rest assured that you will find the perfect fit with Billplz.

What are the membership plans available?

We have three (3) membership plans available for you. These plans are:

- No membership fee;
- FPX per transaction of RM1.00;
- Option to enable cards with MDR of 2.20% *
- Option to enable e-wallet *

- Annual membership fee of RM5300;
- FPX per transaction of RM0.50;
- Option to enable cards with MDR 1.8% or lower *
- Option to enable e-wallet *

- Custom membership fee;
- Able to collect both FPX B2C and B2B;
- Real-time payout;
- Option to enable cards *
- Option to enable e-wallet * 
- Dedicated Account manager

*Subject to partner’s approval

I’m a small business selling clothing, what would be the option for me?

If you are focused on collecting through online payment, then our Basic plan is suitable for you. You may also enable cards and e-wallets at no additional fee!

How do I apply for cards and e-wallets? Is it automatically included in the membership plans?

To enable cards and wallets, you will need to apply separately. For example, If you wish to utilize the Basic membership plan and enable the card payment method, you will need to send an email to and mention in the subject line: Application for Cards. We will assist you with the application process after receiving your email request. 

Please note to use your registered login email address for any communication with Billplz.

My customers consist of a mix between online payment and cards, with online payment being the most preferred method of payment with more than 885 volumes of transactions per month. Which plan would fit me well?

You can opt for the Standard plan, where the FPX fee is RM0.50 per transaction. This means that you will save on the FPX transaction cost as your business increases.

My business requires payments from other businesses. What is the option for me?

If your business collects payments from other business accounts, we would recommend for you explore the Enterprise plan. This plan provides both business-to-consumer and business-to-business online payments through FPX B2C and B2B. For further information, kindly send an email to and kindly include in the subject line: Interested in Enterprise plan.

What if I want to downgrade my plan from Standard to Basic?

Our Standard membership plan is based on a yearly fee. You can always upgrade and downgrade the plan based on your business needs. If your business requirement is only focusing on a certain seasonal month (such as the Raya festival, Chinese New Year, etc) and is expecting to receive a huge volume of transactions on a particular month, you can consider selecting the Basic membership plan @ RM1.00 per paid transaction via FPX online banking.

However, you will not be able to request a refund of the paid Standard membership fee, as stated in the User Agreement.

Visit here for more information. 

Are there any hidden charges?

We do not apply any other charges or fees other than the ones shown on our website. You may check on the charges or fees via

If I wish to know more about the membership plans and the options available to me, how do I go about it?

You may send in your request to Our team will contact you to assist with your inquiries.

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