3. Paydee Card - How to Integrate?

What is Paydee?

Billplz members can now able to accept debit/credit card payments (local & foreign) via our payment partner (Paydee) which comes with the fastest approval of ten (10) business days upon complete documentation.

Paydee is available for all types of membership plans.

How to apply?

  • Please fill up this form to proceed further. 
  • To confirm your submission, kindly email team@bilplz.com once you have submitted the form.
  • Our team will prescreen your application and reach out to you on the documentation required for the application.
  1. Merchant Application Form & Merchant Agreement (will be shared during the boarding process)
  2. Director's IC
  3. Latest Company Bank Statement
  4. Updated SSM e-info
  5. CTOS/RAMCI Reports on Company, Directors and Shareholders with 25% Shareholding (detailed Credit Report & Score)** 
  6. Photo of signboard, interior and exterior of Merchant Premise
  7. Special Licenses (if any)
  8. Latest Utility Bill (Water/Electricity/Telekom Malaysia) - if the business address in the application form different from SSM

*Paydee shall churn out the CTOS report on your behalf at the cost of RM50 (deducted from Billplz's credit balance).

*Please note that they will not share the softcopy of CTOS reports due to privacy reasons.

Enable or Disable Payment Method

1. To enable the Paydee payment method, go to your Collection title, and click 'Payment Method'. To disable it, simply 'untick' the box.

2. Your payment option will show up, tick to enable the payment method.
  • Enable Billplz (Online Banking) & Paydee.
3. The customer has two (2) options; either pay with Billplz (Online banking) or Visa/Master card via Paydee
4. On the bill page, the customer will see both Online banking and Visa/Master as an option to proceed with

5. Once the customer proceeds with the Visa/Master, the customer will be redirected to the Paydee page to proceed with payment by submitting their Visa/Master Card details.

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