Billplz for WooCommerce Version 3.27.0 & 3.27.1

Step 1: Update Billplz for WooCommerce plugin

  • Go to the WordPress Update page, and update Billplz for WooCommerce plugin to version 3.27.2.

  • Complete the update process.

Step 2: Reassess order status

  • Get the Billplz Bill ID from the WooCommerce Orders page.

  • Go to Billplz Billing → and select the specific Collection ID. Search the Bill ID on Billplz Console

  • Alternatively, you may access the bill directly using URL:<bill_id>
  • Update order status on WooCommerce. Change the status to pending payment and click the Update button.

  • The order status is updated.

Step 3: Update order status

  • Go to the WooCommerce Orders page.
  • Click on the Screen Options and tick Actions

  • Click the Requery button located beside the tick icon and the order status will be updated.

  • The Order notes will be updated with type requery for the updated order

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