13. Razer Wallet - How to Integrate?

What is Razer Wallet?

Billplz members now can accept e-Wallet payment (GrabPay, Boost, Touch 'n Go, ShopeePay and Maybank QRPay) via Razer Merchant Service without activation and annual fee.


The payout will be done by Razer Merchant Service.  Auto-transfer by next 2 business days, according to the agreed settlement period.

How to integrate?

Please email team@billplz.com with the request to integrate with the Razer Wallet. You may write the email as follows:

Subject: Request for Razer E-Wallet application

Hi Billplz,

I would like to request for Razer e-Wallet application. I'm aware that a subscription of Standard 30 / Standard 365 / Enterprise is required for this request. This is the details required: 
1. PIC Name: <Name> 
2. PIC Mobile Number: <Mobile Number>
3. Company Name: <Company Name> 
4. Company Address: <Company Address> 
5. Website URL: <Website URL> 
6. Business category: <Business category>  

Please assist. 
Thank you.
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