What is Card Installment Plan?

Card Installment Plan is a payment method (powered by 2C2P) whereby customers can convert their purchase into smaller installment amounts over an agreed period of time. Merchants can allow customers to make payment using a credit card for a substantial amount and repay it in installment between 6 months and up to 12 months.

Benefits of Card Installment Plan

- Merchants receive the full payment amount from 2C2P after the payment is made.
- Increase sales by encouraging large ticket item purchase via the installment payment option

Minimum Pricing Tier

- 6 months (minimum RM500)
- 12 months (minimum RM1,000)

How to Activate?

Only applicable to Standard 365 and Enterprise (real-time) membership plan.
*Email team@billplz.com to activate the Installment Payment Plan.

Payment via Card Installment Plan

1. Payer opts to pay via “Card Installment” on the Billplz bill page.
2. Payer input card details.

3. Payer enters the required OTP. Payment charged to payer account and redirected to the payment successful page.

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