FPX Transaction Status

Response codes show the status of the Debit Authorization Code. The code is based on the status returned by the respective Bank to FPX. 

Below are the response code used by FPX:

*Note: Should you or your customers encounter any transaction issues, please provide the relevant information to team@billplz.com.

Response Code Description
00 Approve
03 Invalid Merchant
05 Invalid Seller Or Acquiring Bank Code
09 Transaction Pending
12 Invalid Transaction 
13 Invalid Amount
14 Invalid Buyer Account 
20  Invalid Response
30 Format Error
31 Invalid Bank 
39 No Credit Account
45  Duplicate Seller Order Number 
46 Invalid Seller Exchange Or Seller 
47 Invalid Currency 
48  Maximum Transaction Limit Exceeded 
49 Merchant Specific Limit Exceeded
50 Invalid Seller for Merchant Specific Limit 
51 Insufficient Funds
53  No Buyer Account Number
57 Transaction Not Permitted
58  Transaction To Merchant Not Permitted 
70  Invalid Serial Number
76 Transaction Not Found 
77 Invalid Buyer Name Or Buyer ID 
78 Decryption Failed
79 Host Decline When Down 
80 Buyer Cancel Transaction
83  Invalid Transaction Model 
84 Invalid Transaction Type
85 Internal Error At Bank System 
87 Debit Failed Exception Handling
88 Credit Failed Exception Handling 
89  Transaction Not Received Exception Handling
90  Bank Internet Banking Unavailable
92  Invalid Buyer Bank 
96 System Malfunction
98  MAC Error
99  Pending Authorization (Applicable for B2B model)
BB  Blocked Bank 
BC Transaction Cancelled By Customer 
DA Invalid Application Type 
DB Invalid Email Format
DC Invalid Maximum Frequency 
DD Invalid Frequency Mode 
DE Invalid Expiry Date
DF Invalid e-Mandate Buyer Bank ID
FE Internal Error
OE Transaction Rejected As Not In FPX Operating Hours
OF Transaction Timeout 
SB Invalid Acquiring Bank Code
XA Invalid Source IP Address (Applicable for B2B2 model) 
XB Invalid Seller Exchange IP 
XC Seller Exchange Encryption Error
XE Invalid Message
XF Invalid Number Of Orders 
XI Invalid Seller Exchange
XM Invalid FPX Transaction Model
XN Transaction Rejected Due To Duplicate Seller Exchange Order Number
XO Duplicate Exchange Order Number
XS  Seller Does Not Belong To Exchange
XT Invalid Transaction Type 
XW Seller Exchange Date Difference Exceeded
1A Buyer Session Timeout At Internet Banking Login Page 
1B Buyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info To Login To Internet Banking Login Page 
1C Buyer Choose Cancel At Login Page 
1D  Buyer Session Timeout At Account Selection Page
1E Buyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info At Account Selection Page 
1F Buyer Choose Cancel At Account Selection Page
1G Buyer Session Timeout At TAC Request Page 
1H Buyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info At TAC Request Page
1I Buyer Choose Cancel At TAC Request Page
1J Buyer Session Timeout At Confirmation Page
1K Buyer Failed To Provide The Necessary Info At Confirmation Page
1L Buyer Choose Cancel At Confirmation Page
1M Internet Banking Session Timeout.
2A Transaction Amount Is Lower Than Minimum Limit
2X Transaction Is Canceled By Merchant 
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