Promo Code Redemption Guide

This is applicable to any Billplz Promo Code provided by Billplz (i.e. festive promo code) or via our Partner (i.e. campaign promo code).
*Duration, promotion packages, and promo code redemption criteria may vary.

How do I redeem Billplz promo code?

  1. Visit and click "Sign Up" to register for a Billplz account or 'Sign In' if you have successfully registered.

  2. Upon receiving Billplz verification email and completion of step 1, you will be redirected to your Billplz dashboard.

    Select " + " beside your credit balance.

  3. Kindly enter the Promo Code in the given space and 'Apply Code'You have now successfully redeemed the Promo Code.
  4. The promotion package redeemed will be added to your Billplz account according to the specific festive or partnership campaign T&C.

Error code will appear if your account does not meet the requirement of the specific festive or partnership campaign.

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