Billplz as Payment Service Agent (PSA)

Billplz is a payment platform / registered PSA (Payment Service Agent).

Billplz is not required to obtain the PCI certification as we do not aggregate payment collections via VISA/Mastercard, unlike the Third Party Acquirer (TPA) incumbents. Instead, we integrate our merchants directly to their preferred payment methods. Please refer to the chart below:

As a Payment Service Agent (PSA), Billplz is governed via agreements with our banking partners (such as Maybank), PayNet (BNM subsidiary), investors, our User Agreement, and the Malaysian Law in general.

Our banking partners:

    - Name: Zulhafiz Shahaini (Contact number: +603 7957 0480)
    - Name: Rahizan Ramatullah (Contact number: +603 2070 8833 ext. 4261)
    - Name: Mr. Oliver Romuald Lee (Contact number: +603 2176 6276)
    - Name: En Mohd Mahfudz Bin Idris (Contact number: +603 2177 3367)
  • OCBC
    - Name: Soo Ji Wen (Contact number: +603 278 33210)
    - Name: Zaili Azita Adam (Contact number: +603 278 33786)
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