4. senangPay Card - How to Integrate?

What is senangPay?

For Standard & Enterprise membership, a merchant may enable Visa/Master card (Auto-Debit via Tokenization) via our payment partner (senangPay). The details are as follows:

  • Special Plan - RM1590/year (MDR = 1.8% or lower 
  • The payout will be done by senangPay via Auto-transfer weekly (Every Wednesday or Friday). Visit here for more details.
  • The application may take 14 business days (Upon complete documentation. 

How to apply?

  • Please fill up this form to proceed further. 
  • To confirm your submission, kindly email team@bilplz.com once you have submitted the form.
  • Our team will prescreen your application and reach out to you on the documentation required for the application.
  1. Business registration form / SSM (Form 9, Form 24 & Form 49)
  2. Bank account statement (name and account number must be visible)
  3. IC copies of one of the Directors (front & back)
  4. Picture of products and office interior (Signboard + 2 office interiors)
  5. Utility bill with name and address matching senangPay’s account holder (Document must be clear, current bill within 3 months)
  6. Photo of all products and office interior (Signboard + 2 office interiors). If you do not have office space, please provide us with a screenshot of the product/service sold from your website.
  7. Provide Ministry of Health Malaysia certificate (KKM / FDA approved) on medicinal and cosmetic products.

📌For merchants with an existing senangPay account, please email to team@billplz.com for further assistance:

Subject: Request to integrate existing senangPay account with Billplz account 
Hi Billplz, I would like to request to integrate my existing senangPay account with the Billplz account. I'm aware that a subscription to Standard or Enterprise is required for this request. These are the details required:  
    • PIC name: <Name> 
    • PIC mobile number: <Mobile Number>
    • Company name: <Company Name>
    • Company Address: <Company Address> 
    •  Website URL: <Website URL>
    • Business Category: <Business category> 
    • Existing senangPay username & password: <your senangPay username>
    • Existing senangPay Plan: <your senangPay Plan>
Please assist. Thank you.

Enable or Disable senangPay

To enable the senangPay payment method, please ‘tick’ the box. To disable, simply ‘untick’ the box.

Go to your Collection title, click 'Payment Method'

On the bill page, the customer will see both Online banking and Visa/Master as an option to proceed with payment.

Once the customer proceeds with the Visa/Master, the customer will be redirected to the senangPay page to proceed with payment by submitting their Visa/Master Card details.

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