FPX CCA - What is it and How to Activate?

What is FPX CCA? 

FPX CCA is a payment method offered by PayNet whereby merchants can allow their customers to make FPX payment by debiting from their Credit Card Account (CCA) if the customer has a line of credit facilities with the Buyer Bank. The CASA and CCA options will be displayed at Internet Banking for customers to proceed with the transaction using their Credit Card Account. 

Benefits of FPX CCA

  • Lower transaction fees 
  • Payout Speed: Real-time

How to Activate?

Only applicable to Enterprise (Real-time) Membership
*Email team@billplz.com to activate FPX CCA.

Payment via FPX CCA

  1. Payer choose to pay via “Online Banking / Local Credit Card” on our bill page
  2. Payer login to their online banking
  3. Payer choose the CCA account
  4. Payment deducted from the CCA account and redirected to the successful page.
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