Payment Order Flow

Payment Order allows you to make payment to any account bank registered in Malaysia. Since the Bank doesn't provide a way to programmatically make payment to the bank account, you can achieve that by using our Payment Order.

Payment Order implements the same collection concept as per API Flow. You will have a collection that consists of multiple payment disbursements.

Before proceeding further, you need to ensure that you have enough payout limit to perform the Payment Order. To increase the payment limit, navigate to the Payment Order (sidebar) and you will notice the Payment Order Limit at the top.

To start using the API, you would have to create a Payment Order Collection. Then the payment order will kick in as per below:

  • Get bank information from the recipient.
  • Execute Create a Payment Order API.
  • The payment will be settled to the recipient once the processing is completed.

**Payment Order will be settled in real-time to the recipient.

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