How do I create a Payment Order collection ID?

1. Once a merchant is registered, it is advised for you to perform "Create Bank Account" straight away, so that you don't have problems when creating payouts in the future. Refer to this API for guidance:

2. Once completed, the bank account is now considered as Verified.

3. Kindly store these account details together with the verification status received from Billplz Create Bank Account API

4. Ensure the payment order limit is sufficient for Payment Order execution.

5. Then, Create a Payment Order Collection. You can create a new collection every time you want to make a mass payout. Get the collection ID and store it. 

6. Create Payout using API. Make sure the payout limit is increased before using this API, as it will depend on the balance of your payout limit.

7. Recipients will get their money into their bank accounts on the next working day.

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