How to Enable or Disable Customer Receipt Notifications?

What is a Customer Receipt Notification?

  • Customer Receipt Notification is a setting that allows merchants to send receipts via email to customers globally or per collection individually.

What is the difference between Global Setting and Collection Setting?

  • Global Setting - All collections will automatically receive email receipt notifications. The Customer Receipt Notification feature is ON by default. You can switch OFF for Collection Setting.
  • Collection Setting - You can select your preferred Collection(s) that you wish to activate the Customer Receipt Notification feature.

How do I switch from Global Setting to Collection Setting for Customer Receipt Notification?

  • From your Billplz dashboard, click account settings.

  • In your account settings, under Email Notifications, the Customer Receipt Notification global setting is ON by default. This means that you are automatically on Global Setting.

  • Click on Billing
  • Select which Collection you wish to activate the Customer Receipt Notification.
  • Click on Email Notification

  • Choose ON
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