How to Enable or Disable Payment Method?

This feature is only applicable to merchants that have more than one payment method. 

By default, the FPX Online Banking payment method will be enabled automatically once your account is verified. 

To activate the card and/or wallet payment method, please fill up this form and email once you have submitted the form.

Step to enable the Payment Method:

1. Go to your Collection title, and click 'Payment Method'.


  • Enable Billplz (Online Banking) & Paydee.

  • Enable Billplz (Online Banking) & 2C2P e-wallet.

  • Enable Billplz (Online Banking) & Razer e-wallet.

*Merchant is also allowed to enable more than two (2) payment methods.

3. To disable the payment method, just untick the box. Your preferred payment method will be reflected accordingly.

For example; the Merchant only enables the Paydee payment method on the selected collection ID (to accept international payments). The same goes for e-wallet (either via 2C2P or Razer).

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