How to Send Bill?

1. Sign in to your Billplz account (via Plzlogin)

2. Create a Collection 

  • Go to the Billing section, and create collection > click "Submit".

3. Create Multiple bills or Single bill.

  • Click "Add Bills" to send the invoice/bill

  • There are two (2) options: to send the invoice/bill via email (or SMS - with additional fee).
  • 1. Send multiple bills
  • To send multiple bills, you need to download the Excel template and fill up the details accordingly.
  • Upload the Excel once your excel template is ready.

  • 2. Send a single bill.
  • Fill up the details accordingly. 
  • Click "Submit" once the invoice/bill is ready to send.

  • Your customer will receive an email below. The customer just clicks the button "Click to Pay" to proceed with payment.

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