Payout not tally with bank account statement

There are two (2) reasons as to why your payout was not tallied

1. Auto-reload

Auto-reload means the system will deduct the total daily collection automatically (in multiples of RM100) to offset any negative credit balance.

For example; if your credit balance is -RM1, the system will deduct RM100. If your credit balance is -RM101, the system will deduct RM200. 

This can be avoided by performing a self-reload. 

2. Payout for other payment methods.

As per our purpose, Billplz is a payment platform for merchants to pay and get paid fastest at the lowest cost possible.

Payments collected via our payment partners will be performed by the respective partners as per their Payout Policy.

The payout speed as below:

  • PayPal - Manual Transfer by request.
  • SenangPay - Twice a week (Every Wednesday and Friday).
  • 2C2P - Once a week.
  • Boost - T+1 business day.
  • OCBC - T+2 business days.
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